Pros and Cons of Electric Smokers

Electric smokers used to be considered the "be all and end all" smoking devices. They did a lot more than just smoke though. In fact, they really have a lot more to offer. So, as a result, especially with that in mind, I particularly enjoyed that you came to this article. In this article you'll learn:

How electric smokers operate differently from older styles of smoking. Now, I know that you may be thinking that I'm going to let you off the hook with this one, but you'd be wrong. The difference is simple: older style smokers relied on wood or coal for fuel, whereas modern electric smokers rely on non-flammable heating elements. The outcome is that it's a whole lot easier to clean out than any of the old-style devices were. Not to mention a lot safer, too. Explore more wisdom about our tips on seasoning smoker.

One major difference between an old style smoker and one of today's electrics is that wood is required. Wood produces a lot of smoke, which is unpleasant for some people. But in an electric it's totally safe and doesn't produce any smoke at all. It's very simple to remove the burnt wood and replace it with a new one. Most models will come with a special insert, which can hold several pounds of wood or pellets. You can actually get some of which hold a hundred pounds or more.

Charcoal is another thing that you'll find more in electric smokers than in older style smokers. Charcoal is still used in many traditional BBQ'ers. You can get charcoal electric smoker that will do more than just smoke foods - you can also slow roast them. This makes a wonderfully flavorful barbecue. Most electric BBQ'ers come with several different speeds and some even have a rotisserie function. To remark the understanding about how to use a smoker, visit the link.

There are many pros and cons to both styles of this smoking devices, so it depends upon you to make your decision based on your own personal likes and dislikes. I tend to lean toward using electric smokers because they are easier to use. They are much quicker and clean up a lot easier than a charcoal grill. And the cons don't seem to outweigh the pros any longer. If you are someone who loves the old ways, then maybe charcoal is just for you. Seek more info at

But if you're like most who like their briskets hot and tasty, then you may need to consider either using charcoal or electric smokers. Either way you go, you're sure to love your new appliance. Many restaurants and pubs to choose the electric style because the food tastes better. Many brands have built in smokers. If you do choose this option, then make sure that your unit has a separate water tank for your BBQ charcoal. Some models will only accept a single charcoal bag.

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